Digital Prototyping - The New Market Mantra

In today’s global marketplace, manufacturers of all sizes are under constant pressure to get products to market faster and improve profit margins to stay ahead of the competition. However, most product development processes are characterized by a lack of digital communication between key groups such as conceptual design, engineering, manufacturing, and the customer. This disconnect between groups can lead to inefficiencies, such as rework and the need to build physical prototypes, which multiplies cost. Today, Manufacturing industries are moving towards more collaborative working practices.

Digital Prototyping is the solution to this. It gives manufacturers the ability to virtually explore a complete product before it is built—so they can design, visualize, and simulate products from the conceptual design phase through the manufacturing process. By using a digital prototype, manufacturers can boost design efficiency and innovation by visualizing and simulating the real-world performance of a design, and save time and money by reducing the number of physical prototypes they build.

The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping brings together design data from all phases of the product development process and enables students/professionals to create a single digital model that can be used in every stage of production. Thus, bridges the gaps that usually exist between conceptual design, engineering and manufacturing teams.

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