Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How do I register my entry?
  • Register individually or form a team (2 members Only) for BIM Design. For Fusion no teams but only individual registrations are allowed. Click REGISTER NOW button on the website to register.
  •  Do I have to pay for registering and participating in the competition?
  • No, there is no payment involved in registering or submitting your design, it is free. Please register and start your project.
  •  Besides Autodesk products, can I use any other software for submission in the competition?
  • No. You can only use Autodesk portfolio of products for design submission in this competition.
  •  Will the teams bear the cost of travel for the national competition?
  • No. The team should comprise a minimum of 1 student & maximum of 2 students. You should enter their names while registering for the competition.
  •  Can I have a team with more than 2 members for BIM?
  • No. The team should comprise a minimum of 1 students & a maximum of 2 students. You should enter their names while registering for the competition.
  •  Can I have a lecturer/faculty as a team member?
  • No. Lecturer or faculty can only act a guide for BIM & Mechanical Design Competitions. He/She would not be part of the core team.
  •  What points do I need to keep in mind while selecting Team Name?
  • Team Names can be a mix of meaningful words, characters and numbers. E.g., Go Getters, Achievers. Team Names should not be generic and should not be institute centric. E.g. Team SPA, Team IIT.
  •  When will the design topic be given for the competition?
  • The design topic is already mentioned in the Design Brief section for respective categories.
  •  How can I upload the design created in BIM?
  • Once you have registered on the competition website, you are eligible to upload the files. Please remember to Zip the design files, and follow the Submission Criteria and Submission Process carefully to upload your design files.
  •  How to upload a Fusion 360 design to the Fusion 360 Gallery for SUBMISSION & EVALUATION?
  • Follow these steps and watch the video below to learn how to upload a design to the Fusion 360 Gallery.

    Step 1:
    With your project open in Fusion 360, follow the quick and easy steps in this video-

    Step 2:
    Make sure to add "#education" <ENTER> "#India" <ENTER> "#<<College Name>>" in the "tags" field. We recommend using rendered images in your submission. Give your model a good Project description focusing on what the model is and what it does.

    Step 3:
    After submitting on the Fusion Gallery- send the link to along with your Name & College Name clearly mentioned. This is mandatory for completing the submission process.
  •  How will I know if my design is selected?
  • If the distinguished jury panel finds a particular design competitive, then you will be informed via e-mail and over a phone call.
  •  What are the files that I need to submit for the competition?
  • Please refer to Submission Guidelines under Submission Criteria section for respective Competition categories.
  •  From where can I download the Autodesk software for the competition?
  • Once you have registered for the competition, you would find an option on the page that would direct you to Autodesk Education Community. Here, you need to follow the steps provided to download the required software. For more information about Autodesk Education Community, please visit
  •  How do I register/activate a product, which I have downloaded from the Autodesk Education Community website?
  • Please refer to the FAQ section on Autodesk Education Community website or send an e-mail to for assistance.
  •  Once the selected team enters National Level Competition, can we change a member of the team?
  • No, you cannot add or change any member of the team after entering the National Level Competition.
  •  How can I get the Design Brief and Revit Site Plan?
  • There is NO site plan. We have a simple Design Brief / Topic that is available on the competition website. Please check the Design Brief section for respective Competition categories.
  •  Can we submit the design in 2010 version of the Software?
  • No. For BIM Design, you can use 2015-16 version of Autodesk Revit.
  •  I would like to know if the building should be in accordance to National Building Code (NBC) (India) or International Building Code (ICC).
  • It should be as per NBC (National Building Code).
  •  What if I have issues in downloading the products?
  • We haven’t received any concern similar to the one you have raised. We have students from all over the world registering and downloading from the Autodesk Education Community website. Request you to try downloading it on a different machine or with a different Internet connection. If you have any problem, please download from the below link.

    If you still face any issues, please send an email to
  •  What is meant by LOD 200 (Level of Development 200)?
  • LOD 200 is a measure of how much detail is to be provided in the model. It is defined in American Institute of Architects (AIA) document. There are five levels LOD 100 to 500 with 500 being the most detailed model.

    LOD 200 - Similar to schematic design or design development, the model would consist of generalized systems, including approximate quantities, size, shape, location and orientation. LOD 200 models are typically used for analysis of defined systems and general performance objectives.

  •  Do we need to send our entries in the form of PPT template that is provided on the website or we can make our own from scratch? The latter would be preferred since the current one restricts the entry in terms of number of slides, content etc.
  • You need to follow the sample PPT template (available on the website) for submission along with other files. However, if your design is selected, you have the liberty to create your own slide for presentation in front of the Jury.
  •   Is there any restriction on incorporating only Architecture and Structure? Or can we include MEP, Construction sequencing (in Navisworks) etc. as well?
  • For BIM Design Category, the design should incorporate Architecture and Structure. However, for better grades in the competition, it’s good to incorporate other aspects like Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Sustainability, etc.
  •   Can we only use Autodesk 3ds MAX to render the view or can we use any other software outside Autodesk product portfolio for rendering?
  • You can use Autodesk 3ds MAX software. But, no other software outside Autodesk product portfolio should be used for Design and Rendering.
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